Corridor is an interactive, game-based music theory, ear training and keyboard program created by top music education professionals.

How You'll Learn

See it.

Visual Recognition. These games help you to recognize musical materials based on how they look on the staff, on the keyboard and represented by popular musical symbols.

Hear it.

Aural Recognition. These games engage your ear and help you to recognize music materials based on how they sound.

Play it.

Practical Application. These games develop your understanding of musical materials by applying them to the keyboard.

A Great Resource for Teachers

With a school subscription, Corridor allows private teachers and classroom instructors to track their students' progress.

  • Remove advertisements for your entire school.
  • Easily monitor and assess student progress.
  • Reduce workload with less grading time.
  • Identify topics for additional classroom instruction.
  • Affordable pricing plans for all school sizes.
  • Want to know more? Watch this video.

Created by Leaders in Music Education

Corridor is based on The American Pop Academy Curriculum which is taught worldwide in college-level courses.

Corridor and American Pop Academy co-founders, Jay Fuchs Ph.D. and Dan Musselman Ph.D., have decades of experience in music education, composition and performance.

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