NOTICE: Corridor will be going offline August 1, 2023.

Engage your students with music theory games

Corridor makes it easy to supercharge your music theory class with game-based, individualized learning. Your students can spend more time being creative and expressive, and you can spend less time grading assignments.

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Supercharge Your Teaching

Corridor’s lessons and games will enhance any existing music theory or ear training program, regardless of musical style.

Real-time statistics and online grading tools make it easy to assess and monitor individual student progress.

Grading is as easy as reading the score from our school portal. Create custom assignments by grouping any of Corridor's lessons.

Getting Started Is Easy

If you are a college teacher, you can require Corridor just like you would a textbook or one-time tech fee.

If you are a high school or junior high school music instructor, you can purchase a Corridor subscription at a reasonable rate for your entire class or school.

Students Will Love It

Our game-based format is fun, challenging, and rewarding. Providing immediate feedback encourages continued growth.

With our individualized approach, students can learn at their own pace, no matter how many students are in the class.

Students who use Corridor will earn better grades.

Academically Sound

Corridor was created by experienced leaders in contemporary music education. Our goal was to develop a solution that answers the question, “How do you practice music theory and ear training?”


Corridor's lessons and training games range from beginner-level musical concepts like note names and basic rhythm and progress to college-level concepts like advanced chromatic harmony. Corridor will support any standard textbook.

See it. Hear it. Play it.

Corridor approaches every aspect of music education by integrating music theory, ear training, and instrument application.

Piano or Guitar

Learn music using a keyboard or a fretboard. Corridor recognizes any connected MIDI instrument.

Looking to start a guitar class? Make sure to check out our partner Jamstik+.

Computer, Phone, or Tablet

Corridor supports all modern browsers, including mobile phones and tablets. Also make sure to try our mobile app available in the iOS App Store.


"Corridor has absolutely transformed my music classroom! Gone are the days of teaching the minutia of music theory. My students warm up with Corridor, and then we start creating."

Jay Fuchs, PhD

"Grading this last semester was an absolute breeze. I could easily track which students had completed which assignments, and when it came time to write down a grade, I just quickly glanced at each of my students' score."

Dan Musselman, PhD

Learn How to Use Corridor

We've prepared a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the most out of Corridor's School Portal. Click the link below to get started.

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